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Thank you!!! However, my now 7 year partner changed my mind… thank the Goddess!!

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The first time I squirted apparently I nearly drowned him! I honestly had no idea that I could feel that good! I literally had to get loo roll to clean him up — it was like Woman squirts for her dirst time ever pond!! I so feel you! I have been envious of women who can squirt since I first learned about it.

I felt so Woman squirts for her dirst time ever. Thank you so much for all your posts — audio and otherwise. It was near the beginning of a long-term relationship and we were at my place and in bed. Sometimes however, like a wank either by me or someone elsea blowjob just hits the spot. Anyway, I digress. All of a sudden, she shook, ground herself against my face, came hard and squirted. If it was girl-cum, I missed out on my only ever view of a woman squirting damn it!

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It never happened again and we never really tried to make it happen again. I often wondered how we made it happen an why it never happened again.

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The moral of this is never have any kind of sex with the lights off, lovely though sometimes that is. Your email address will not be published.

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Woman squirts for her dirst time ever fingers first — There are a ton of toys on the market that focus on G spot and Skene Gland stimulation as a priority, but these may not be your best bet until you learn just what sort of stimulation she likes, and where to stimulate. To learn, first use your fingers to find the G spot, and figure out how she prefers her stimulation.

Once you learn, you can incorporate toys that mimic and add to these preferred sensations, and this will bring entirely new experiences to each squirting orgasm. And, while this byproduct is certainly desired by Woman squirts for her dirst time ever you and your partner, it should never be the main focus of your sensual massage sessions.

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Keep in mind: The main barrier for women who Woman squirts for her dirst time ever they are unable to squirt is tension and shame. Both of these manifest in the body, causing tight muscles and knots. With continued massage sessions, however, you can help your woman to work out their kinks and relax them to the point that they are more open and willing to let go.


You can introduce sensual massage in a number of ways. The majority of women will respond positively, and you may find that your partner is just as excited to receive it as you are to give Woman squirts for her dirst time ever. One way to introduce it is to begin with a full body massage, slowly working your way towards the more erogenous areas of her body.

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You can perform a once-over massage, moving from head to toe, and then tracing back to the areas in which she showed the most reaction. Doing this multiple times, you can create the desired result of increased arousal and make it so that climax, once stimulation occurs, is almost instantaneous.

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The method which combines clitoral and vaginal stimulation in Tip 5 is the best way to stimulate her following the sensual massage. In fact, the fluids released during the act of squirting have actually been found to be quite similar to male ejaculate without sperm.

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In a research studyscientists utilized ultrasound technology and endoscopy of the urethra to find the source. The ultrasound revealed the presence of a structure, similar to the male prostate.

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Emotionally, squirting can increase the bond between you and your girl, and create a deep sense of intimacy and love. Biologically speaking, all women have the physical attributes necessary to squirt.

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With the proper coaching and a good deal of trust, even the most bashful of woman can be brought to a squirting orgasm. Of course, any woman can squirt with patience and effort on the part of Woman squirts for her dirst time ever partner. Surprisingly, there is also a physical attribute which may indicate the ability to squirt more easily. As mentioned above, any women can squirt. There are emotional blocks, however, which can make squirting rather difficult and seemingly impossible.

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First and foremost, the trust which your partner has in you and in your relationship will make or break her ability to squirt. For women, arousal is just as much if not more emotional as it is physical. Other things to keep in mind are stimulation techniques, as well as cue reading.

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Once you understand her cues, helping her to climax will become a breeze. The best way to make it easier for her to squirt is to get her to practice the kegel exercise.

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This tones and strengthens the vaginal muscles allowing her pussy to contract more powerfully, and therefore squirt more easily. The main complaint of many women who have yet to master the art of squirting is the inability to distinguish between the need to pee and the urge to squirt. As a woman becomes more accustomed to squirting, however, the Woman squirts for her dirst time ever will become more distinct and easily distinguishable.

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Ask your partner to talk about her fears, and use this time to reassure her. While the majority of women will squirt during orgasm, it is possible for her to squirt between orgasms, Woman squirts for her dirst time ever even without reaching orgasm at all. If you find your partner is having trouble orgasming and squirting at the same time, there may be a psychological block which is limiting her abilities.

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That your partner is able to squirt while with you is a fantastic first step. Remember, as a natural and extremely enjoyable experience, your partner should never be made to feel discouraged for squirting. To foster Woman squirts for her dirst time ever feelings, be there — physically and emotionally. Continue to perform the sexual act which caused her to squirt, such as intercourse of stimulation of the G-spot.

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This will prolong her pleasurable feelings and show her that you want her to enjoy herself. After the encounter, ask her what she liked and what she wishes you would have done.

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This means that squirting multiple times in a single session is absolutely possible. As she becomes more comfortable, though, squirting more than once can certainly occur.

One thing to keep in mind is how dehydrating squirting can be. Provide your partner with ample fluids, preferably some with electrolytes, in order to replenish her hydration levels.

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If your partner wants to improve the quality and quantity of her squirting, the best thing she can do is to work on her pelvic muscles. Kegal exercises can provide your partner with the ability to better control her squirting, and it will make her more confident in her abilities.

Squirting is a sure sign that your lover is fully aroused. This means that intercourse after squirting can be the perfect time to bring your partner to vaginal orgasm, and it may also help her to squirt during intercourse as opposed to Woman squirts for her dirst time ever squirting from g-spot stimulation. Essentially, this technique involves you bringing your female partner as close to squirting as possible, and then backing off the stimulation.

In keeping with the theme of School Of Squirt, this will be about making your lady gush during oral sex, not just the simple female orgasm although that happens as well.

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So read on to get my best ever tips and tricks, and add this amazing new kind of orgasm to your Sex Life. Woman squirts for her dirst time ever removing distractions in the bedroom to the exact fingering techniques you should be using, I will show you all that you need to know to Woman squirts for her dirst time ever her there. The rest of this guide is absolutely useless without this first part. Even more than the environment, preparing your lady — both mentally and physically — for the experience is absolutely necessary if you want her to climax, and especially if you want to make your woman squirt. With the help of the foreplay techniques below, you can get started getting your woman into the proper mood:. Nice hot blonde Ever Woman time squirts for her dirst.

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Regular readers will know that in the past my inability to squirt has caused me much heartache. We were in the 69 position when I squirted for the first time, and so it has forever redeemed itself in my estimation. Having spent most of one Saturday evening casually fucking and touching each other, we were building to a sort of grand finale where I lay on my back on the rug, and he straddled me with his dick Woman squirts for her dirst time ever my mouth and his hands vigorously fucking me with a curved, g-spot dildo. We were naked. We were fucking. I had tipped my head back as far as I could to take as much of his cock as possible down the back of my throat. Pakistani girl fingering hidden cam Dirst Woman ever for her squirts time.

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